Branded Extra's

Douwe Egberts is an international coffee brand with over 260 years of reputation for excellent taste. Douwe Egberts offers not only a great coffee and tea but also a wide range of branded extra's to m

D.E Instant Sticks

Individually wrapped, small portions are very convenient for any location. Boxes are designed the way that can be used as display units. Assortment Instant sticks:


  •                D.E Pure Gold instant sticks
  •                D.E Continental decaf sticks       
  •                D.E Cappuccino
  •                D.E Cacao fantasy

Sugar + Coffee Whitener

  •                Sugar sticks
  •                Coffee whitener
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D.E porcelain cups

Elegant and unique design, specially made for Douwe Egberts. We offer:

  •  Douwe Egberts Aroma Lady
  •  Douwe Egberts Red Seal

They are friendly and round shaped, elegant and modern, stackable up to max. 4 cups, optimal is 3 cups. There are also special canals on the bottom to avoid water on top in the dishwasher.

D.E paper cups

The high quality Douwe Egberts paper cups are available in several different sizes; 7.5 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz, to serve each possible need. The cups are made of very high quality material, resulting in the following benefits:

  •                Better isolation (coffee stays hot longer)
  •                Better grip, because more firm
  •                More stable when empty
  •                Better quality impression

Besides, the thicker polyethylene layer ensures that the paper stays dry longer, and decreases the risk of leakage. All these benefits substantially contribute to the consumer satisfaction and to the brand experience.


Tea branded extra's

To complete the Pickwick tea presentation we have several tea branded extra's to complete the tea experience.

More tea

Piazza D'Oro Branded Extra's

Make every coffee encounter a completely fulfilling experience with Piazza D’Oro espresso porcelain and other stylish items.

Major Tom


  • Coffee backpack Black
  • Coffee backpack Red
  • Branding: Douwe Egberts, Cafitesse or Tailor made
  • Coffee bag (for sticks and stirrers)