Cafitesse NG 100

Ideal for larger groups of people, the Cafitesse NG 100 can serve up to 800 perfect cups of coffee an hour.

  • Suitable for large groups
  • Fast
  • High quality construction
  • Robus design
  • Low maintenance

Fast enough to satisfy large groups
Do you need to serve quality, flavourful coffee to a large group of people? The Cafitesse NG 100 puts all our expertise and passion to work so fast it can produce up to 800 servings in an hour. An optimal way to bring the sensation of satisfying coffee to large gatherings, such as in conference centres or theatres.

Uncompromised quality
Ingredients for the Cafitesse NG 100 are specially packaged to ensure all the flavour, aroma and freshness are fully retained. So every cup tastes the way it should, whether it’s a robust espresso, a pleasant café crème or an aromatic decafé.

Reliable performance

With some 250 years of passion and expertise behind us, Douwe Egberts Professional knows what it takes to make the right coffee machine for every purpose. The Cafitesse NG 100 is constructed from highest quality materials to guarantee the very best performance. Complies with HACCP systems.

Low maintenance

The Cafitesse NG 100 only needs refilling after 380 cups of coffee and doing so is fast and easy. Simply replace the coffee pack. Cleaning is also done in a flash, only requiring a couple of minutes’ work once a week.



  • Coffee: 2 Liter
Capacity  260 cups / hour
Storage conditions Coffee; 6 weeks in the cooling of the machine
Energy Label / Power Usage 230 - 230 Volt
Electricity / Power in Watt 16 Volt / 3500 Power in Watt
Weight empty 21 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 650 x 210 x 460 mm
Water supply  Yes

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