Cafitesse Blends


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Cafitesse Blends

The wide choice of carefully crafted blends that Cafitesse offers is a match for everyone’s personal taste as well as their professional needs.

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Cafitesse delivers everything that truly matters to your business, to your staff and to everyone else who appreciates a great cup of coffee. It is the only coffee concept that offers you the perfect blend of taste, variety, ease, presentation, reliability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

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Cafitesse Medium Roast: Pure - Round

Cafitesse Dark Excellence: Characterful - Rich

Cafitesse Prestige: Smooth - Mild


Cafitesse Decaf: Characterful - Delicate

Cafitesse Smooth Roast: Smooth - Mild

Cafe Milc

Cacao Fantasy

Cafitesse is more than great coffee

  • It is not just good quality coffee, it is great coffee 
  • It’s not just great quality coffee, it’s also a great system to work with 
  • It’s not only a treat for your consumers, it’s also a smart business deal
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Cafitesse Excellence Compact

  • Easy handling
  • Refilling
  • Cleaning
  • Maximum uptime
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