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Pickwick Slow Tea

Pickwick Slow Tea gives you a moment of rest in an often hectic life, to slow down… the name says it all. Celebrate the day.

Your guests will enjoy the tea ritual as they watch the tea leaves slowly unfold in the extra long, transparant tea bag. For Pickwick Slow Tea we have selected only long tea leaves, so the flavour is released more slowly in the glass, giving a mild and full tea with a rich palette of aromas and flavours.

Pickwick Slow Tea: Classics

Our four single origin Classics are stylishly presented, accessible, elegant and yet familiar.




Pickwick Slow Tea: Specials

The four freshly-presented  Specials are as friendlyas they are exciting: refined, sometimes challenging combinations of pure tea leaves and fruit pieces.




Pickwick Slow Tea: branded extra's

To complete the total experience of the Pickwick Slow Tea presentation.