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Tea tips

Drinking tea outside of the home is now commonplace, and is becoming ever more popular. We compiled a few tips for the best tea experience.

1. Personal High Tea

Create a personal high tea around Pickwick Slow Tea by offering a small selection of home-made sweet or savoury snacks. Customer-friendly, service-oriented and profitenhancing.

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2. Authentic Experience

Make the authentic Pickwick leafs experience complete by tempting your guests with sweet treats like carrot cake or homemade apple tart: a little extra forthe tea drinker.

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3. Good presentation

Good presentation helps to give your guests the best tea experience. For each concept we offer the option to serve the tea in specially designed tea boxes and tableware.

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4. Create a Tea Menu

Create a Tea Menu. All of your tea varieties, clearly and attractively presented. Handy for your guests, and for you.

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5. Serve with Delicacies

Serve with Delicacies. Tea with a sweet or savoury snack enhances both the perception of quality and the profit margin. For the complete tea experience.