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Other segments


Think of universities and schools, but also a small kindergarten. From the staff room to the cafeteria to conferences held on campus, coffee is always an important factor in the smooth running of your educational facility. We offer a fantastic quality cup of fresh brewed coffee at the touch of a button. Suitable for all members of your community and its visitors. The many coffee varieties can be served at high speed, whether service or self-service.

Convenience and retail

Coffee at petrol stations, retail stores and coffee bars. You can find ‘Coffee-To-Go’ everywhere nowadays. Make your store the favourite stop of regular passers-by. They want the best coffee and they want it quick. You need a coffee partner to help them to serve the best cup as quick as possible.

The Jacobs Douwe Egberts designed coffee systems are ideal for self-service. We offer complete solutions including equipment, ingredients and service technicians. We can also supply payment systems on the machines.

Quick Service Restaurants or Leisure

In Coffee shops and fast food restaurants, today's sophisticated consumer knows what to expect from their coffee. We know consumers see coffee as an important part of the dining experience. Offering an excellent cup of coffee can work miracles, for your customer loyalty and for your profitability on coffee and other items. Second best is simply not good enough anymore. We offer high quality coffee solutions without any fuss.

For organizing events and parties. But also cinemas, museums, theme parks, stadiums, theatres, airlines, trains, cruise ships and ferries. 
In today's  'commuter' age, people spend more time travelling than ever before. Train stations, airports, bus depots and all modes of transport provide perfect opportunities to offer travellers a delicious hot coffee. We provide reliable coffee systems that brew coffee fast and conveniently.

And if you are serving many people at the same time, our coffee systems can help you to pump up the volumes. Best of all, the training needed to operate our equipment is fast and simple. Finally, it is possible to offer a fantastic quality coffee, hot chocolate, or tea that will have commuters coming back again and again.