Cafitesse Excellence

Top quality in a stylishly designed machine. The Cafitesse Excellence is a showpiece for every establishment.

  • All warm drinks
  • Broad range of variations
  • Sleek design
  • Three style options
  • User friendly




Cafitesse Excellence - Operator Manual.pdf

Award winning design
The Cafitesse Excellence from Douwe Egberts brings top quality components and design together. It’s for good reason that the Cafitesse Excellence has received the GIO-award, a recognition of design, craftsmanship and commercial appeal. This coffee machine makes a positive statement about every business that has it.

Full of flavour

With the Cafitesse Excellence you’ve got the very best quality right there in-house. Together with the Superior Dark Excellence blend from Douwe Egberts, it creates the ultimate coffee experience. Dark roasted with a deep, full character. This Cafitesse excels on all fronts.


The Cafitesse Excellence offers plenty of choice, from a creamy cappuccino to a stylish latte macchiato or café crème. All of the very highest quality. Douwe Egberts is proud to present the Cafitesse Excellence: something for every coffee lover to celebrate.

Carefree operation

Thanks to its ingenious design, the Cafitesse Excellence is exceptionally simple to operate. The machine is easy to fill and its simple maintenance requirements are compliant with an HACCP certified environment.




Coffee: 2 Liter

Capacity  290 cups / hour
Energy Label / Power Usage 230 - 230 Volt
Electricity / Power in Watt 14 Volt / 3300 Power in Watt
Weight empty 37 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 690 x 380 x 520 mm
Water supply  Yes
Production rate  6 sec/cup

Coffee Dispensers

Cafitesse Excellence Compact

Cafitesse Excellence Compact is a small-but-mighty machine which offers an outstanding combination of variety and flexibility.

Cafitesse 50

A handy, versatile coffee machine that’s ideal for small businesses, company departments, waiting rooms and reception areas.

Cafitesse 60

Several choices, can be installed anywhere. The Cafitesse 60 offers great flexibility and is ideal for reception areas and coffee corners.

Cafitesse NG 100

Ideal for larger groups. A cup of delicious coffee in just a few seconds.

Cafitesse NG 300

For large groups and with plenty of choice. The Cafitesse NG 300 is ideal for large receptions.

Cafitesse Excellence

Top quality in a stylish machine. The Cafitesse Excellence is a showpiece for any company.

Cafitesse 700

Plenty of choice in a modern machine. The Cafitesse 700 guarantees you the ultimate coffee experience.