Cafitesse 60

With lots of coffee options, a compact form and no dependency on mains water connection, the Cafitesse 60 is a great versatile machine for the office.

  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Self claining
  • Good choice of coffee drinks




Cafitesse 60 - User Manual.pdf

Complete coffee satisfaction
However you prefer your coffee, the Cafitesse 60 prepares it to perfection every time. Using real milk in the drinks that require it. From a strong black coffee to a café crème, creamy café latte, or sumptuous cappuccino, the quality shines through in every cup. With the Cafitesse 60, you can taste our master blenders’ years of passion and dedication.

Compact and versatile

The Cafitesse 60 is a great compact coffee machine that you can use just about anywhere. You can choose from a machine connected to permanent water supply or one with a detachable 3 litre reservoir (good for 24 cups). So wherever you want coffee – near your desk, in a meeting room, in a reception area, at the department refreshment point – there’s always a plentiful supply easily to hand.

Fast and efficient

The Cafitesse 60 is convenience itself. Just one touch of a button is all it takes to get a delicious cup of hot, satisfying coffee. Need a whole jug? You can fill one in less than a minute. So there’s less time waiting at the coffee machine and more time enjoying the coffee.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the Cafitesse 60 is as simple as getting coffee from it. A light indicates when cleaning is necessary (twice a week) and anybody can do it in just 3 minutes, whenever there’s a convenient moment.




Coffee: 1.25 Liter

Capacity  140 cups / hour
Storage conditions Coffee; 6 weeks in the cooling of the machine
Energy Label / Power Usage 220 - 230 Volt
Electricity / Power in Watt 10 Volt / 2100 Power in Watt
Weight empty 27 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 715 x 420 x 400 mm
Reservoir 2.9 Liter
Water supply  0 15
Production rate  9 seconds per cup

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