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Tea Forté

Extraordinary teas, exceptional experience!

Tea Forté: Combining serenity, sophistication and great artistry

Tea Forté takes great pride in offering only the finest tea leaves in the world, with no compromises. The teas we choose to offer represent less than 1% of all the teas available, and yield diverse, subtle flavours that cannot be found in other tea offerings.




Tea Forté exceptional blends

English Breakfast 

A robust full-bodied cup with a concentrated character of malt and deep undertones that welcome a bit of milk and sugar. Satisfying and delicious, this tea is a great breakfast cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Earl Grey

A symphony of robust Assam leaves with a light liquoring of cold-pressed, Italian Bergamot citrus. Our blend of this classic tea has been carefully crafted to define how an Earl Grey should taste. Deeply aromatic with a bold flavor. 

Bombay Chai

An invigorating blend of select Indian tea leaves blended with rich Imperial spices. Deep with the tingle of cardamom and clove, this cup is delicious by itself or when prepared in true Bengal fashion with milk and sugar.

White Ginger Pear

Rarest Pai Mu Tan white tea is plucked in early spring from a special varietal tea bush called “chaicha”. Blended with the sweet taste of juicy orchard fresh pear and the tingle of spicy ginger for a delicate and delighting infusion.

Fresh, sustainably harvested leaves, herbs, fruits and flowers yield the ultimate cup

African Solstice

From the soul of South Africa, naturally caffeine-free, antioxidantrich rooibos herb blended with the taste of berries, blossoms, and a wisp of sweet vanilla. A smooth and delicious cup.

Jasmine Green

Rare and exceptional Yin Hao green tea is married with intoxicatingly fragrant jasmine blossoms. The scenting of the tea is a meticulous process taking several days, resultingin an exquisite cup of sublime, sweet flavor.

Lemon Sorbetti

Based on Italy’s most celebrated sorbet, this green tea is married with fragrantly fresh citrus and the sweetness of wildflower honey. A delicious taste of dessert any time of the day.


This superior grade green tea is plucked in early spring. Steamed to yield a bright cup with soothing taste, fresh green vegetal notes and lively nutty tones.

Blueberry Merlot

Deep taste of succulent summersweet blueberries with a wisp of sage to heighten an excellent cup. Corkscrew not required.

Chamomile Citron

A relaxing and rejuvenating blend of sun golden Egyptian chamomile blossoms and rose hips, balanced with meadow-sweet scents of lemongrass and mint. A delicate and soothing infusion.

Citrus Mint

The smooth, pleasing combination of citrus and peppermint orchestrates an infusion rich with notes that are fragrant and flavorful. A refreshing steep, delicious both hot and over ice.

Tea Forté Experience

The dedication and determination to present the definitive cup of tea starts by working directly with the growers who share our passion for producing extraordinary teas. Our ultra-premium teas are the heart of the rich tea experience. We invite you to present the Tea Forté experience to your guests and watch as they indulge in the beauty and pure taste of our exquisite teas.


Tea Forté ceremony

We have the following exclusive products in our range which compose the Tea Forté ceremony.

Customisable tea menu

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